Tush Kush Owner Judy HeryMeet Owner and Creator of Tush Kush – Judy Henry

I have played golf for many years and in all kinds of weather.  From rain storms
to cold and in the summer heat in Florida.   After living in California, Florida and currently in Tennessee, I have always enjoyed joining my friends for a round of golf and/or to compete in tournaments.

However, the one piece of golf equipment that I did not enjoy was the golf cart seat.   The seats were usually very cold, wet, sticky and/or hot, not to mention “dirty”.   So, after playing in a golf tournament, I noticed golfers using towels to keep their Tush Kush-ioned.   At a member guest tournament, I received a seat cover as a gift.  I fell in love with the golf seat cover and still use it today.  Because it was a great gift, I decided to start sewing my own custom golf cart seat covers.   I gave many to friends who invited me to play at their Member/Guest Tournaments and one of my friends asked if I would sew one for her cat sitter with the cat theme fabric.  She was thrilled and I sold my first Tush Kush to her over 5 years ago.

When I compete or volunteer for a golf event, I always have ample supply of Tush Kush seat covers in various novelty fabrics.  Usually by the end of the tournament, I have sold many of the TK’s and custom orders have been received.

Unique Handcrafted Design

Tush Kush is constructed with three layers of 100% cotton and batting is sewn in the center of the layers.   These fabrics are cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Tush Kush covers are washable and easy to install.  No strings to tie and no slits in the fabric for the arm rests (which never really fit).  Tush Kush golf   Tush Kush Cart Seat Covercart seat covers are designed to fit all brands of golf carts (Club Car, Yamaha and EZ-GO).   The Tush Kush fits the golf cart seat and is secured with elastic –cloth covered straps that fit under the seat, out of the way of the arm rest.  Golfers are always pleased when they slip on their new seat cover and can feel comfortable sitting on a clean and Kush-ioned seat.  Quick and easy to install and remove.